About Us | VXI Global Solutions, LLC

Welcome to VXI

At VXI, we pride ourselves in helping our client partners develop technologies and customer care services that enable them to manage their business and customer relations more efficiently.

We leverage our deep understanding of our clients’ challenges and opportunities, and we respond by designing custom solutions empowering our clients to respond with agility to swiftly changing market trends and ever-increasing customer demands.

Headquartered in Los Angeles and with over 28,000 employees worldwide, our integrated service centers support all customer engagements in multiple languages in the United States, Philippines, Jamaica, Guatemala, and China.

Our innovative solutions and professional teams enable our clients to focus on their most critical business goals, grow market share, increase geographical diversification, and lower costs while maintaining the highest of quality standards.

We are confident in our abilities to make a significant contribution to your business growth. Contact us today to find out how we can be partners to achieve your success.

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