Results and Relationships

Eva Wang, CEO
Eva Wang is the CEO and guiding visionary of VXI Global Solutions, LLC Since co-founding the company in 1998, under her stewardship VXI has grown globally to include 18 contact centers in the USA, Asia and Latin America, and to over 15,000 employees worldwide. A graduate of the University of Nanjing, Ms. Wang is often invited to speak around the country about her experiences as an American Success story.

David Zhou, COO
Mr. Zhou, a co-founder of VXI Global Solutions, LLC, is responsible for operations, strategic planning, and business development. As COO of VXI Mr. Zhou has helped to grow the company to more than 15,000 employees, with an international presence in United States, Asia and Latin America.

Steven Wang, CFO
Mr. Wang VXI’s Chief Financial Officer, co-founded VXI Global Solutions, LLC, with Eva Wang (VXI CEO) and David Zhou (VXI COO). Currently Mr. Wang is responsible for the financial well-being of VXI, covering more than 15,000 employees among the contact centers in United States, Asia and Latin America. Mr. Wang, a graduate of University of California, Irvine, is fluent in Chinese Mandarin, and works his time in the offices of USA, Manila, Philippines and Shanghai, China.

Charlie Liu, Country Manager, China
Dr. Liu joined VXI Global Solutions, LLC in early 2001 and established VXI’s China operation, VXI Enterprise Management, Ltd (“VXI China”).  He has been managing the China operation, which includes four call centers and one software development team in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. Prior to VXI, in 1998, Dr. Liu co-founded KillerBiz, Inc. in San Jose, California. He served as VP of R&D and managed a software engineering team to develop and support a business-to-business e-commerce website until 2000.  Dr. Liu has a Ph.d from the California Institute of Technology, and is a graduate of Beijing University. Between 1993 and 1998, as Vice President of R&D, Mr. Liu worked with International Communications Enterprise, a software consulting and development company registered in California. He was responsible for establishing and managing a software engineering team in both U.S. and China, and outsourcing software development.

Michael Xu, Vice President of Finance
Mr. Xu oversees VXI’s global finance, accounting, financial reporting, and procurement functions. Prior to joining VXI, Michael was a Senior Manager in Assurance and Business Advisory Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). While at PwC, he managed and served multinational and large domestic corporations in both the publically traded and privately owned sectors across a vast array of industries. In addition, Michael also held several leadership positions at PwC ranging from sitting on the Board of the Southern California Manager Advisory Council, to lead PCS Campus Recruiting Champion, and Technical Accounting Trainer. Among his many accomplishments, he was also an appointed member of PwC’s prestigious Diamond Leadership Program. Michael graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a Bachelors Degree in Business Economics and a minor in Accounting. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with an active CPA license, and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and California Society of CPAs.

Nick Covelli, Senior Vice President, Global Sales
Mr. Covelli is VXI’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  He served as a senior sales executive with AT&T for a number of years leading and supporting account teams dedicated to some of AT&T’s largest business clients. While at AT&T, he also served as National Sales Director for AT&T’s Contact Center Subsidiary, American Transtech, in Jacksonville, FL. Mr. Covelli has spent over ten years in the BPO industry, helping many clients to develop and launch programs to more effectively retain and grow their global market share.  Mr. Covelli graduated from the University of Kansas, and completed Advanced International Management Studies at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Toby Parrish, Vice President of Operations
Before joining the VXI Global Solutions, LLC in 2008, Toby Parrish was a key leader in operations and internal support for the Walt Disney Company where he acted as Manager of End User Care.  Mr. Parrish’s career in Management Leadership over last 20 years covers many Fortune 500 companies, ranging from entertainment giants to financial verticals. Mr. Parrish, a graduate of Moorpark College, has sold, designed and technically supported multiple Fortune 500 and other excellent small and medium sized companies, such as: eBay, PayPal, Lycos, Amazon, Check Free, Chase, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, State Farm, AT & T Wireless, Sprint, American Express, Visa Discover, KPMG, American General, LCI, Qwest, Nextlink, BTG, Motorola, Telecom Communications, Excel Communication, USN Communications, American Red Cross, Hughes and US Telepro, Chrysler Financial and TD Waterhouse.

Dennis Yang, Vice President, Information Technology
Dennis Yang is responsible for VXI’s Global Solutions, LLC enterprise information systems and technology infrastructure. Under Mr. Yang’s guidance, the company has built a robust enterprise network throughout the world. He has led the VXI IT team through numerous successful launches of new clients and partnerships. Mr. Yang joined VXI in Sept. 2003 with years of experiences in the information technology field. Prior to joining VXI, Mr. Yang held several management positions in Telecommunications (Voice over IP Telephony & Fiber Optic network), Entertainment, E-Commerce, Enterprise Financial Software and Manufacturing Industries.  Mr. Yang has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, from San Francisco State University.

Paul Birdseye, Executive Vice President and Country Manager (Philippines)
Paul Birdseye has spent his entire career in customer care, starting in the newspaper printing industry in ‘74, and for the last twelve years in call centers; playing key roles in client implementations, call-center management, work-force management, operations, implementation and process reengineering. Mr. Birdseye, who graduated (Summa cum Laude) with a BS in Business Management from California Lutheran University, joined VXI in Los Angeles in January 2003 and has been in the Philippines for VXI since Oct 2003. Mr. Birdseye served initially as Director of Inbound Operations for VXI, directing the domestic and off-shore growth of a large inbound project, and since July 2006 he has served as Executive Vice President and Country Manager in the Philippines