It’s no longer as simple as you, or us.
We’re in this together. It’s Co-sourced

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Customer Care Co-sourcing (Growth by Retention)

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Sales Co-sourcing (Growth by Acquisition)

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Software Solutions (People Enablers)

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Innovation Services (Breakthrough by Design)

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Firstly, we’re a bit different

  • Founder led/startup DNA
  • The best people… really
  • 100% referenceable customers
  • Technology at the core

Secondly, why you should care

Things are getting tough. Expectations are rapidly increasing, and more of the same wont cut it.

This is not about throwing more people at a problem and hoping for a dramatically better outcome. You need a partner with a breakthrough mentality - that’s us.

Like your industry, the contact center outsourcing industry is undergoing profound change.

Whereas the last era was very much about people being deployed at scale efficiently (Economies of Scale), we believe the next era is about driving Economies by Design. It is all about our ability to design how we’re best woven into the fabric of your business. There is no such thing as “stock standard” anymore.

You need someone that can move at the speed you need.

Our startup ethos is infused in every part of our business our founders still lead and lets us stay focused on what really matters - our customers.

But mostly, you need a partner to augment you, not replicate you. This is about making you substantially better.

Be that by delivering better customer interactions, or being more adaptive to change, or substantially reducing costs - we bring the capability to do all these things together. And that’s why our customers love us.

Go on… ask them… any of them. We don’t cherry pick the best references, ALL of our clients are referenceable - so you can get the truth about what it’s like to have VXI as part of your team.

Customer Care Co-Sourcing

The backbone of what we do. Operating best in class centers in North America, Central America, Europe, Philippines and China, and employing 28,000 people to handle customer care interactions on behalf of customers as diverse as large Fortune 500 organizations and small high-growth technology startups. VXI delivers a consistent, differentiated customer experience efficiently, predictably, and at scale.


Asked to improve business performance in our clients multi vendor environment, we introduced purpose built applications to drive reductions in handle time and improve voice of customer in the first 90 days.

Our Solution

  • Learning Simulation
  • Playbook approach to service delivery

The results you see

  • AHT reduced by Half
  • $2.5 million in year on year savings

Sales Co-Sourcing

Sales is in our DNA. We offer omni-channel inbound and outbound sales and lead generation services. We enable our people to have the right “next best conversation” to upsell and cross sell your products and services.


A Leading subscription based online retailer asked us to deliver higher revenue and better ROI on their marketing spend. By deploying a highly engaged workforce, with the right support structure and incentives, we delivered.

The results you see

  • 8% on Gross Conversion
  • 3% Increase on Average Order Value
  • 30% additional revenue versus other vendors (based on case study)

Our Solution

  • Simulated Sales Training
  • Rigorous campaign management
  • Performance success plan

Software Solutions

Enhancing our people performance with smart, beautifully-designed software is what sets us apart. Designed by contact centre experts and built inhouse, our Recruitment, Training and Performance Packages are proven drive results. We also work with clients on their own bespoke needs, if required.


1000’s of agents embedded in client organizations use our Training Simulator to bridge ‘experience gap’ between traditional training methods and the realities of the first day on the job.

The results you see

  • A 10% increase in VOC
  • 11% decrease in AHT
  • Sales Target Attainment in first 30 days.

Our current software solutions

  • Performance Pro 360 - team coaching
  • Talent Match Pro - recruitment
  • Training Simulator - training and ramping

Innovation Services

The traditional structures of product development and customer engagement have forever changed - your customers now dictate product advancement. Our innovation arm, Symbio, partners with brands to build innovative software products and transformative digital services that connect, engage and amaze their customers.


Connected Car Solution


Co-created a unique windowed interface using agile rapid application development techniques & tools.


Interface voted best Carplay implementation by the automotive press. Solution was brought to market in less than half the time typically required

Types of solutions

  • Technology - Software development, AI and AR, Internet of Things.
  • Research and development - Design and research, productization, globalization.
  • Digital and IT - Insight and strategy.

Are you Ready?

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